If you wish to take your training to the next level, look no further. EQ Strength & Conditioning will provide you with the best possible approach to your Training and implement an individualised programme, designed specifically for YOU and YOUR goals.

We remove the guess work and devise a programme/ plan that is guaranteed to help you achieve your desired physique and Training related goals.

Furthermore, education will be a major priority along the way & you will understand the WHY behind everything we do! This is imperative in order to optimise your Training/ Performance LONG TERM.

No one Programme fits all approach!


Your body is your business! However, when you opt to work with EQ Strength & Conditioning at any capacity, your body becomes our business too.

If Nutrition is something you have neglected up to now, let’s change that! Allow me to help you feel comfortable in your own skin!

You will receive comprehensive Nutrition Coaching that will ensure you are sufficiently fuelling your body/ training, help you to achieve your GOALS and carry out simple everyday tasks.

Again, education is imperative, therefore, you will understand the WHY behind everything we do! No fads, no one size fits all approach, no guess work!


Make no mistake, we will make training regularly and providing your body with the sufficient amount of fuel on a day to day basis a LIFESTYLE.

However, at EQ Strength & Conditioning we understand there is so much more to a healthy LIFESTYLE than just Training & Nutrition.

Your family, occupation, sleep, social life, stressors etc. are all crucial factors and need to be taken into consideration in order to find the necessary balance.

You will receive guidance, support & a programme/ plan tailored accordingly, taking all of the above into account.



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