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Name: Catriona

Occupation: Primary Teacher

Age: 26

I joined EQ in January 2022. Before joining I knew deep down that I was capable of so much more and I wasn’t doing myself justice. I knew I just needed the right guidance and the right environment – and ever since the day I got in contact with Emmet and stepped through the doors of EQ, I’ve never looked back 🤌🏻 EQ has done more for me than I could ever imagined it would.

PT is the best investment you will ever make in yourself. The education and accountability you receive in terms of managing your nutrition, sleep etc is invaluable. I started PT with Mark Hayes in January and I have now completed 2 blocks of PT and a photoshoot. With each PT block we had different plans (deficit/maintenance) and different performance goals to aim for. That 1-1 training in the beginning also gave me the confidence I needed especially for membership classes – when it came to certain exercises/lifts.

Not long after signing up to PT – I signed up to the membership classes and quickly became hooked and I still am to this day. Classes are now a staple in my week. EQ has a package to suit everyone whether it’s the member classes, personal training or photoshoot etc. The classes are brilliant and are on in the mornings and evenings. The classes are set up for you and each day there’s always a PT coach providing demonstrations and supporting, guiding and correcting your technique as you go through the class. The classes are lots of fun and have a great buzz about them and you’ll always leave feeling like you’ve done an unreal workout.

A photoshoot was always something I was interested in doing at some point and I decided to sign up to the one in August 22. I was led in very well having done 2 blocks of PT beforehand and had already a very good understanding of nutrition which I think is very important and I had also built up quite a lot of muscle. I enjoyed the whole process and learned so much about myself and my body. While a photoshoot is not for everyone, it is a great challenge and very rewarding.

The sense of family and community in EQ is what sets this gym apart from others and what makes it so special. The atmosphere in EQ is always very positive, supportive and uplifting. Every person is in there bettering themselves everyday. There’s a real sense of everyone wanting the best for everyone. EQ has done more for me than I could ever have imagined it would – but the friendships I’ve built in here this year are ones I know I will treasure for a long time to come.

All the coaches in EQ are very committed to their professions and very passionate about what they do. I couldn’t give any of the lads enough credit for the work they do. You have to look no further than to the phenomenal results they are helping so many people achieve on the daily. EQ sets the bar high – top class coaches, top quality facility and equipment, with a professional service that provides real, long lasting results to clients. All in all, EQ is a set up to thrive and once you try it for yourself you will see what all the hype is about.