Family Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Our Personal Training is a fantastic option if you feel the need to work with your coach on a one to one OR one to two basis (if you’d like to train with a friend).

We will assess your Fitness levels, movement patterns & dietary habits before determining & implementing the best approach for you!

Our weekly one to one sessions will ensure you have every chance of achieving your goals & remain motivated throughout.

Package Includes

  • Comprehensive Nutrition Programme (for each family member)
  • Macros & Calories Calculated Per Day & Per Meal – Training Days & Rest Days (for each family member)
  • Shopping List (one for the whole family or individual if necessary).
  • Recipe Ideas (for the whole family or individual if necessary).
  • Supplement Recommendations (for each family member).
  • Information provided on Sleep, Hydration, Alcohol Consumption, Stress Management etc. (for each family member).
  • Support Via WhatsApp (for the whole family – a group chat will be set up)
  • Support Via Email (group email can be set up or individual if necessary)
  • Weekly Check Ins.
  • Extremely Detailed Training Programme (for the whole family, individualised if necessary).
  • Necessary Programme Information Package (for each family member).
  • Video Library Detailing How To Perform/ Execute Exercises Correctly (each family member).
  • Exclusive Access to Facebook Coaching Hub (each family member).


We have pricing plans to suit every budget.

2 People
8 Week Course
3 People
8 Week Course
4 People + 1 Free
8 Week Course