How To Book or Cancel A Class

You must be logged into book or cancel a class.

Booking A Class

  1. By choosing “Book A Class” from the top menu you will be prompted to login or you will be automatically logged in as an active member.
  2. You will know you are logged in by seeing your account dashboard
  3. From your account dashboard click “booking a class”
  4. Choose and book your classes.
  5. Log out  by clicking the “log out” tab in your dashboard – This completes the booking

Cancelling A Class

  1. Log in by clicking either “My Account” in the footer menu or “Book A Class” on the top menu
  2. Click on the “Orders” tab
  3. You should be able to see all booked classes and cancel any class
  4. Once class is cancelled please log out from your account dashboard using the “Log out”! tab

Can’t See Your Booked Classes

  1. Make sure you are logged into your account
  2. Check your subscription status within your account dashboard, you may have put your account on pause or hold or your membership may have expired.
  3. Log out of your account. Clear your devices cache and cookies, refresh the eq url and log back in again.
  4. If you still cannot see your booked classes please email