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Name: Kayleigh Maher
Occupation: SNA

I was a member of EQ precovid but like many people, I was going to the gym and not changing anything else outside of it. If you change nothing, nothing changes. In January my husband signed us both up for PT and I loved being back in the gym, eating better, feeling better but I needed something to regain my focus as I still had about 3 stone to lose.

I signed up for the photoshoot to prove to myself that I could do something I thought I couldn’t.

Full of self doubt and zero self belief we started the 13 weeks prep and with the guidance of the lads in the gym I gained confidence and found my stride and at the end of the photoshoot I not only reached my goal but I stood there on the day a little over 10 and a half stone.

A weight I have always dreamed of being since my early teens. I was not only a smaller version of myself – I’m a stronger more confident person and I now know I can do anything with the right guidance.
My journey doesn’t stop here – more PT, more classes, more results. The lads have given me the tools to maintain this way of living and for the first time ever – I know I will achieve this.