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Name: Danielle Kealy
Occupation: Self-employed , Preschool Owner and Mother of 4 children, ages 14 years old to 1 year old. 

I joined EQ in January as I had been struggling with my weight for 15 years and my mental health was starting to deteriorate last year. I was sad, unmotivated and exhausted all the time.

Being a mother you feel so guilty when your not present for your children like you know you should be.

So I went in head first into a photoshoot prep in January and 10 months on I have over 5 stone lost and for the first time since being a teenager, I’m at the perfect weight for me.

My coach Luke, is an unbelievable coach, he believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and he paved the path for me to successfully lose the weight. The other coaches played a big part also, pushing me on in class and providing moral support all the way. The facilities are second to none, so all I had to do was show up each day and do as I was told. It is that easy!
I have learnt to much about myself, exercise and nutrition that I know I can maintain my weight now.
My goal was weight loss, now I have new goals in place. I plan to do an endurance event next year and then try my hand at powerlifting.
It’s been an amazing year, two photoshoot preps, member of the month at the gym, new friends and hitting my weightloss goal.
I’m excited for what’s next.